Bio-Metric Integration

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Organization » Gateways » Bio metric Gateway

Terminologies Used

  1. Create New Device Configuration
  • New form generated
  • Name :- As per device name.
  • Customer Device ID :- Machine/Device unique id.
  • Device Type:- Type of device.
  • Monthly Reset : Reset functionality enabled for data.
  • Fetch Data According To:- Fetching data in time or log ID.
  • Description: Machine related details.
  • Infrastructure : Details of machine infrastructure.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Create new Configuration.


1) New Device Configuration.

  • Depending upon the bio metric vendor and API(s) provided by them.
  • Daily attendance would be calculated with the help of these machines.
  • Monthly report is generated from these machines.
  • configuration should be done with the help of our development team.

2) Edit Device Configuration.

  • We can edit configuration as per user requirement.

3) Get from Different Level.

  • We can import different machine in same policy

4) Assign Fingerprint Id for Employee.

  • According to the department as per selection all the department wise employee list should be display.
  • After that we have to add fingerprint number for particular employee.
  • We can generate excel sheet for all employee's data.

5) Assign Fingerprint Id for Student.

  • According to the Program and semester After selecting all the program wise student list should be display.
  • After that we have to add fingerprint number for particular Student.
  • We can generate excel sheet for all student's data.

6) Status of Bio-metric machine

  • According to the configurations , their are two states i.e Active State and In-active state.
  • Active state is where the machine is currently in use.
  • In-Active state is where the machine is not in used state.
  • when the particular machine is not in used for 30 days, so it goes to In-Active state.

7) Get from different Level

  • According to configurations, if bio metric machine is located to different location then we have to add that particular machine .
  • We have to select that particular machine and marked them in Active state .
  • Hence in such a case All the entries of that particular machine will be fetched .

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps.

  • Biometric Device Configuration
Biometric Gateway(2).png
  • Get machine from different level.
Biometric Gateway.png