Timetable adjustments

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Timetable Adjustments

In many scenarios, planned time table changes due to faculty unavailability, pending syllabus planning, events etc. In such cases adjustment feature can be used.

In this feature, planned time table will be displayed by the system, planned lecture can be cancelled and new lecture can be added for the adjustment. Adjustment can be done either for single day or for multiple days.

Adjustment includes below aspects

  1. Cancellation of planned lecture
  2. Addition of new lecture


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Schedule >>Time Table >> Academic Time Table

Terminology Used

Adjustment- Time table adjustment is cancelling the existing session and adding new session against the cancelled session.

Lecture cancellation- Cancel terminology is usually used if cancelled lecture is to be adjusted by any new lecture. Record of cancelled schedules will be maintained by system.

Lecture deletion- Record of deleted lectures can be maintained by system considering those records are removed for particular reason.

Inputs Needed

For cancelling lecture

Reason for cancellation

For adding new lecture

Subject Name

Elective section (If any)


Lecture type- Lecture, Practical, Guest Lecture etc

Faculty Abbreviation


Cancellation of planned lecture

Addition of new lecture

Date wise lecture adjustment

Class rate view

Time table printing (PDF)

Step by Step

Date selection for adjustment. Can be filtered by Course and faculty.

Time table adjustment1.png

Cancellation of existing lecture

Time table adjustment2.png

Cancellation notification

Time table adjustment3.png

Adding new slot against cancelled slot

Time table adjustment4.png

Highlighted adjusted slot.

Time table adjustment5.png

Class rate.

Time table adjustment6.png