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Registering Student

Registering student allows to register student in system which enables students academic and non academic life-cycle process to be functional. Option to upload bulk student record via excel template. Various functionalities like Assign/UN-assign roll number, Fetch only fresher students, Fetch students already registered via placement, Allocate specialization to student, Allocate section to student, Allocate courses to students,etc.


Head Admin, Academic Admin


Head Admin >> Students >> Manage Student >> Register Student


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Students Management >> Student Registration >> Register Student

Terminologies Used:

  • Program: Program is usually similar to qualification but not always. In Engineering colleges, all first year students are allocated to the program "Applied Science" which is a mixed group for teaching basics of Engineering to all specialization. In the second year Applied Science students are distributed to different programs(non-functional departments) like BE - Comp, BE - Civil, BE Mech.
  • Batch:Batch is a Lot of students administered to a program from admission year upto expected passing year. For example a four year course of BE - Comp with admission year 2018 and expected passing year 2022 will have the batch 2018-22 The student may however have year - down and pass later, but for identification batch remains the same.
  • Semester/Term:In a four year program there can be 8 semesters/term or 12 semesters/term or only 4 semesters/term depending on whether the term is 6 months or 4 months or 12 months.

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Academic Batch
  • Term
  • Session
  • Section


Add, Edit and Delete Student Record

  • Add student records in system.
  • Allows to edit or delete existing student record.
  • Basic student details like name, roll number, mobile number,etc can be edited.

Upload Student Data

  • Bulk student record can be uploaded via excel sheet.
  • Inbuilt template available for end user to download excel and upload data in system.

Assign/UN-Assign Roll Number

  • Roll number assigning option to student.
  • System can auto generate roll numbers based on Prefix, Suffix and Roll number start series.
  • Already assigned roll numbers an be unassigned or edited for students.

Allocate Section to Student

  • Student can be allocated to section from this option.
  • Section allocation shall move student to respective division.

Allocate Course to Student

  • Allows to allocate course to student which shall be taught for there current semester.
  • All courses applicable shall be allocated to students.

Allocate Specialization

  • Specialization can be mapped to student, say HR or Marketing specialization can be given to student enrolled in MBA program.

Change User Name and Reset Password

  • Student username to access system can be changed.
  • To access student login credentials like user name and password is required
  • Similarly password can also be reset for students.

Arrange Student Data Sequence

  • Option available to arrange the sequence in which student data will be visible on UI and excel report
  • User can select the sequence like First Name, Last Name, Program Name or vice versa sequence.

Change Roll Number

  • Allows to change roll number for students by uploading them in bulk.
  • Similar to roll number, email id template allows to change email id for students.

Step by step:

  • Add, Edit and Delete Student Record

Registering Students1.png
  • Edit Student Record

Registering Students11.png
  • Upload Student Data

Registering Students2.png
  • Individual Assign/UN-Assign Roll Number

Registering Students3.png
  • Overall Assign/UN-Assign Roll Number

Registering Students4.png
  • Sub-Batch wise Assign/UN-Assign Roll Number

Registering Students6.png
  • Allocate Section to Student

Registering Students7.png
  • Allocate Course to Student

Registering Students9.png
  • Allocate Specialization

Registering Students8.png

Registering Students10.png
  • Change User Name

Registering Students12.png
  • Reset Password

Registering Students13.png
  • Arrange Student Data Sequence

Registering Students14.png
  • Change Roll Number

Registering Students15.png