Committee Meeting

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Committee Meeting

The committee members meets every month throughout the year. Where all the committee members are called together by an authorized person who circulates an agenda ahead of the meeting.


Head Admin


Head Admin » Organization » Governance » Institute Governance

Terminology Used

  • Meeting frequency - Meeting frequency is the total count of future meetings.
  • Agenda Approval Status - Agenda approval status is a status of approval which is need to approve by an authorized person. The system will show us the pending status until it has been approved by the authorized person. Once it is approve the status changes from pending to approve.
  • MOM Approval Status - Minutes Of Meeting Approval status is a status of approval which is need to be approve by an authorized person.
  • Meeting Date and Venue - Enter the date and venue of the meeting.
  • Meeting Status- Meeting status will either completed, pending or cancel.
  • Subject - Enter the message to be sent to the committee member to inform about the meeting.

Inputs Needed

Add New Meeting

  • Meeting Date and Venue
  • In and Out Time
  • Meeting Status
  • Subject
  • Description


  • At the time of meeting creation, The meeting frequency we entered, that many meeting will be created here.
  • Able to decide the time and venue of the meeting.
  • If the meeting is canceled for any reason, we can arrange a new meeting and inform the committee members about the updates of meting via email or SMS.
  • Able to download MOM and agenda PDF.

Step by Step

  • Committee Meetings
Meeting frequency.png
  • Add New Meeting
Updated Meeting.png