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Application Form

Application form can designed by admission admin based on requirement of each program. After filling registration form, applicant will be redirected to fill application form. Application form can be divided into Personal Details, SSC details, HSC details, Parents details etc based on configuration.




Registration link shared on Institute website

Terminology Used

Username - Username will be the registered email id by applicant

Password- Password will be the alphanumeric code received on registered email id and mobile number.

Inputs Needed

Application form inputs are completely dependent on configuration by admission admin.



Personal Details

Xth Details

XII Details

Family Details

Guardian Details


Application Form Filling

Application form download

Application form freezing

Cash receipt download

Step by Step

Required fields can be enabled from admission round configuration by admission admin. Also dates should be enabled for application form schedule.

Registration Form1.png

After filling registration form, user will be directly redirected to application form. Or user can re-login again with the shared link.

Registration Form5.png
Application form- Guidelines
Application form1.png
Personal Details
Application form2.png
Parents Details
Application form3.png
10th Details
Application form4.png

12th Details

Application form5.png
Document Upload
Application form6.png
Form Preview & Payment Mode Selection
Application form7.png

Online Payment - In case of online payment, applicant will redirected to merchant side.

Application form8.png

Cash receipt in case of cash payment mode

Application form10.png

Application Form Declaration

Application form9.png
Application Form PDF
Application form11.png