Vehicle Make Model & Variant Configuration

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Transport Admin


Fleet Management » Fleet Configuration » Make Model & Variant

Input Needed

  • Model Name
  • Variant


  • Admin can able to check the existing model under Make and Variant under in model.
  • Admin have the provision to add new model and variant.
  • You can edit the variant and model name. It will be used in vehicle details configuration.

Screen Shots / Steps

  • To add new model in the system select the transport policy and click on Model tab.
  • You will see all existing model name in the system.
  • Select the Make name and click on Add new Model and enter the model name
Add Model.png
  • Admin have the provision to edit the make name.
  • To edit, Click on edit icon and do the required changes and click on submit
Edit make.png
  • To add Variant details select transport policy and click on Variant tab
  • Select the Make and Model name from the drop down.
  • You will able to see existing variant name. You have the provision to edit the same or able to delete.
  • Click on Add New Variant button and enter the variant name and click on save button.
Variant Add.png