Initial Configuration FAQ

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Why so many Levels have to be created like trust, campus etc.

  • The Levels actually MAP the academic set-up hierarchy. The client can have one or more trusts, multiple campuses, may institutes within campuses.
  • Programs running in the institutes having multiple batches or divisions.
  • This is a normal hierarchy in case of a Educational Trust.
  • If client is an university, then it can have multiple departments with programs running in them.
  • University can also have affiliated institutes.
  • These LEVELS need to be mapped to JUNO Campus.

Can there be an Academic Set-up which is a mix of all these ?

  • Yes. Some trusts have institutions with programs running in them, which are affiliated to an external university.
  • In addition they also have their own Deemed University within which multiple faculties(streams) have many programs being offered.
  • The trusts also have schools and other education offerings.