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Employee Upload Using Excel

Once first employee is uploaded in system, rest employees can be uploaded through excel format. Excel upload can be done designation wise.

Excel upload can be done in 2 ways

  • With service book - Where all information related to service book will be filled along with personal details in the excel format.
  • Without service book- Where only personal information will be filled in excel template, rest information related to service book will be filled from UI after uploading excel format.


Org Admin/Head Admin


Org Admin >> Employee Service Book

Head Admin >> Post >> Post & Role Configuration.

Terminology Used

  • Post Type: Post type is first category to bifurcate employees. Post types can be Teaching/Non teaching/ Contractual/ Committee/ Visiting Faculties etc. Any employee which is uploaded under Teaching gets by default role as 'faculty'. Also employees which are uploaded under 'Non Teaching' gets by default role of 'Staff'.
  • Post Name: Post names can be called as 'Designation' which comes under Post type. For example under 'Teaching' post type there can be posts like 'Assistant Professor', 'Associate Professor', 'Teacher' etc. Non teaching can be 'Clerk', 'Librarian' etc.
  • Grade Type- There are fixed ranges of basic salary defined by Governing body which can be called as 'Grade Type'. Grade type is defined post wise. For example all assistant professors which are on 'VI Pay Scale' will fall under same range of their basic salary. There can be grade type like Consolidated, VI pay scale, or institutes own pay scale in case of private institutes (DES- Pay scale, Indira-Pay scale)
  • Pay Band- 'Pay-band' is range of basic salary linked with Grade Type. For example 'VI pay scale' for Assistant Professor is 15,600 - 39,100.
  • Pay in pay band- 'Pay in pay band' is simply amount of basic salary in between defined 'Pay Band'
  • GP/AGP- GP is called as Grade Pay and AGP is called as Academic Grade pay. Academic grade pay is usually given to teaching employees along with their basic salary. And Grade pay is given to Non Teaching employees along with their basic salary.

Inputs Needed

Post type

Post Name

Grade Type

Pay Band

Employee Id

First name, Middle name & Last name


Email id

Phone number

Pay in pay band


Joining date

With effect date

Appointment category


Adding new employees

Step by step

Employee upload from org login.

1.Select employee upload link.

Employee Upload.png

2. Select level on which employee needs to be uploaded.

Select Institute & course in which employee is to be uploaded.

Level Selection.png

3. Create post from post grade mapping tab (If post is already present, we can upload employee directly from employee upload tab). Post can be created under Post Type & Grade type.

Post type can be - Teaching, Non Teaching , Contractual.

Grade type can be - VI pay scale, VII pay scale or there can be own grade type like Deccan education society can have DES pay scale.

Post Creation.png

Click on Add New Post. Fill the required details and save.

Post Creation -2.png

4. After creating post. Add GP (Grade Pay) or AGP (Academic Grade Pay) under the post.


5. Click on employee upload tab to upload employee via excel.

Templates can be of 2 types

With service book- This will have all the personal information columns along with service book details.

Without service book- This will have only personal details. Service book details will be filled from UI.

Employee upload via excel.png

6. Excel Upload

Personal details.

Employee Upload Excel.png
Service book details.
Employee Upload Excel-2.png
Service book details.
Employee Upload Excel-3.png
Uploaded employees can be viewed in employee upload tab.
Uploaded employee list.png

Employee upload from Head Admin

1.From head admin login also employees can be uploaded via excel. In this case only personal details can be uploaded via excel. Remaining details can be uploaded via UI.

To upload go through below path.

Post >> Post & role configuration.

Select level on which employee is to be uploaded - Institute/course

Employee upload via head admin.png

2.Download the template, fill the required details and upload.

Employee upload Excel without service book-1.png

3. Service book can be filled from tab service book for the uploaded employee.

Service book.png

Click on add Service book to fill service book record.

Service book-1.png
Service book-2.png