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Employee Account Details is a provision in the system where the Finance Admin can enter the employee account details in the system. The account details are essential to be filled for all the employees as it helps in the final stages of salary transfer and generating the pay slips of all employees.


Finance Admin


Finance Admin >> Employee Details

Inputs Needed

  • Service Book of the employee needs to be updated.
  • Employees should be updated.
  • Joining date of the employee must be entered properly.
  • Finance Policy must be configured.
  • Banks should be configured.


  • The functionality of employee details helps to add/edit/update bank details such as Bank Name, Branch Name, Account Number, IFSC code, PAN Card Number, Joining Date of Gratuity, Gratuity ID and other personal details of all the employees.
  • Once the bank details of the employees are updated, only then the salary transfer can be done for the particular employees.
  • Finance Admin can view the bank details of the relieved employees as well.
  • Bank details for individual as well as multiple employees can be updated all at once.

Step by Step

  1. Current Employees
2. Relieved Employees

3. Bank Configuration

Bank Configuration.jpg