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Library Purchase » View and Print Purchase Order

Terminology Used

Terms and Conditions - Add terms and conditions.

Vendor Acceptance - Vendor acceptance eg. Personal,Courier.

Add Clauses - Add multiple clauses.

Purchase Order Advances - purchase order advance amount.

Purchase Order PDF - Take purchase order PDF.

Input Needed

Terms and Conditions

Vendor Acceptance

Select Authorities

Late Delivery Clauses

Performance Clauses

Bank guarantee Clauses

Retention Money Clauses

Penalty Clauses

Wave Off Process Clauses

Other Clauses Purchase Order Advances Purchase Order PDF


- User add vendor acceptance.

- User can add terms and conditions.

- User add other purchase related clauses.

- User can select authorities to send for approval.

- User can generate purchase order PDF.

Screen Shots / Steps

View and Print Purchase Order

View and Print Purchase Order.png
- To view purchase order details click on link.

- For vendor acceptance click on Accepted by Vendor button.

Mode of Acceptance.png

- For vendor rejection click on Refused by Vendor button.

Refused by Vendor.png

- For addition of terms and condition click on Add Terms and Condition For This Purchase Order button.

Add terms and conditions.png

- For addition of other clauses user can select specific button whatever they want to add.

Delivery Clauses.png

- For edit this information click on Edit button.

Edit PO.png

- To send purchase order for authority approval click on Authority Approval button.

Authority Approval.png
- To add purchase order advances click on P.O.Advances button.
P.O.Advances .png
- For purchase order PDF click on Save PDF Copy button.