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Stock Verification

As the name defines, Stock verification is verifying the library media stock with respect to given range of dates. The library stock in that given interval of time is displayed.


  • Library Admin


  • Configuration » Stock Verification

Inputs Needed

  • Date ranges for which stock is to be verified.
  • Accession number of library media for verification.


  • Gives consolidated view of stock for given dates.
  • Reports can be generated for verified stock.

Terminologies Used

  • Accession number : An accession number is a unique identifier assigned to the library media.

Step by Step

1) Define dates for stock verification.

  * Click on "Add new" button, then enter date range and name of person who is verifying the stock.
  * Click on "Start Verification" button.
Stock Verification.png

2) Accession number based Stock verification.

  * Enter the accession number and dates to verify the stock.
Accession no Stock details.png