Student Course Allocation

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Student Course Allocation

Academic admin or Admission Admin can allocate Student with course which they are going to study in upcoming term. Allocating student with course shall enable students reflection in faculty login under the course file wherein faculty mark attendance for student, give assignment, course evaluation,etc.


Academic Admin, Admission Admin


Academic Admin >> Schedule >> Subject Allocation >> Student Subject Allocation


Academic Admin >> Schedule >> Batch Management


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Students Management >> Student Registration >> Register Student


Admission Admin >> Students >> Manage Student >> Student Subject Batch Allocation

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Academic Batch
  • Division


Student Course Allocation

  • Option to Map students to course.
  • Mandatory courses can be allocated to all the students.
  • Elective choices can be either taken from students or can allocated to specific students.
  • Course wise student list along with faculty allocation shall be visible.

Section Wise Allocation List, Overall Allocation List

  • List of overall student allocation section wise would be displayed.
  • Total display of course and elective courses selected by student.
  • Consolidated count of course allocation with students.

Student Statistics

  • List of courses along with Faculty name and Student count.
  • Drill down option on student count which shall fetch all students data.

Deleted Student Logs, Change/Transfer Logs

  • Logs for deleted students shall be auto recorded and maintained in system.
  • Transfer or Change of courses logs too shall be visible.

Step by step:

  • Student Course Allocation
Student Course Allocation1.png

  • Section Wise Allocation
Student Course Allocation2.png

  • Overall Allocation List
Student Course Allocation3.png

  • Student Statistics
Student Course Allocation4.png

  • List of Deleted Students
Student Course Allocation5.png

  • Student Course Allocation from Batch Management
Student Course Allocation6.png

  • Student Course Allocation from Register Student
Student Course Allocation7.png

  • Student Course Allocation from Admission Admin login
Student Course Allocation9.png

  • Student Course Allocation from Admission Admin login
Student Course Allocation11.png