Weekly Off

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Weekly Off

Any day during the week when your employees are not expected to work, or come to workplace, is called as weekly off. Usually a lot of organizations in India consider Sundays as weekly off. Weekly off may differ from organization to organization various combinations for weekly off can be configured.


Leave Admin


Leave Admin >> Muster >> Muster Policy Configuration >> Weekly Off

Terminologies Used

  • Muster : Generally, the term muster is used to refer individual attendance registers maintained at work sites. It also refers to the official role of persons.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name.
  • Day of Week (Saturday, Sunday, etc).
  • Count in a Month(Say 1st Saturday, 2nd Saturday, etc).


1) Add Weekly Off's

  • Based on institute policy applicable leave admin can add weekly off's for employee working in an organization.
  • Only the days for weekly offs should be selected or checked rest all to be unchecked. Say Sunday is an off then only Sunday and count of month(1st Sunday,2nd Sunday, etc.) to be selected or checked rest all remains unchecked or not selected.
  • Weekly Off's defined shall automatically reflect in an Working Day Calendar.

2) Allow Flexible Weekly Off's

  • Based on post type flexible weekly off's can be configured. Say non-teaching staff shall have 1 day off in a week and teaching staff shall have 2 days off in a week.
  • Flexible off can be made applicable for a particular department or even for an individually employee.

3) Edit Weekly Off's

  • Leave admin can edit or modify weekly off's that were already defined.
  • Once changes made to existing weekly off's shall automatically reflect in calendar.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add Weekly Off
Weekly off.png

  • Add Flexible Weekly Off