Leave Activity Employee Allocation

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Leave Activity Employee Allocation

Leave activity employee allocation allows to give a employee rights as approval authority for student leave sanctioning. Authority can be single or multiple for leave sanctioning process.


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Data Configuration >> Leave Activity Master

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Activity Name


Allocate approval authority to leave activity

  • Employee can be allocated with duty of leave approval authority.
  • User can select from the list of employees and assign them activity wise duty.
  • Authority can be defined program wise and activity wise.

Block employee and View logs

  • Once allocated with authority duty user can also deallocate the duty.
  • Option block employee is used for deallocating the duty of approval authority.
  • Logs for all the transactions of allocation and deallocation is captured and maintained.

Step by Step

  • List of Allocated Employee for Leave Approval
Leave Activity Employee Allocation1.png

  • Allocate Employee for Leave Approval
Leave Activity Employee Allocation2.png

  • Logs
Leave Activity Employee Allocation3.png