MOM Tracking

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MOM Tracking

  • Minutes of meeting (MoM) means the official written record of a meeting which describes the events of the meeting,its agenda,attendees and decisions.
  • The main purpose of Minutes of meeting is to document all important announcements and resolutions reached for any stakeholders to review afterwards.
  • MOM tracking helps committee member/authorized person to record or document what actions have been assigned to whom,along with the resolution reached for an individual or overall Responsibilities of an agenda of Meeting.


Head Admin


Head Admin » Organization » Governance » Institute Governance

Terminology Used

  • Postponed :- Sub agenda postponed to next  agenda
  • Referred Back :- Sub agenda send back to previous committee.
  • Resolution Passed :- Agenda passed from committee and Resolution number will generate.
  • Noted :- Agenda noted .
  • Share with other committee :- Agenda pass to any other committee.

Inputs Needed

  • Responsibility Name
  • Sub point
  • Sub point Name
  • MOM (Minutes Of Meeting)


  • Able to select the responsibility and sub points for the MOM tracking.
  • Able to select the action that is to be performed.
  • the action that can be performed are :
  1. Postponed
  2. Referred Back
  3. Resolution Passed
  4. Noted
  5. Share with other committee members