Building Configuration

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Building Configuration

Institute or Campus has an hostel facility provided to the students pursuing the program in an institute. Hostel shall have an infrastructure like Building, Room, etc. Building infrastructure can be configured by specifying the details like Name, No. of floors, Capacity, etc.


Hostel Admin, Head Admin


Hostel Admin >> Configuration >> Buildings


Head Admin >> Organization >> Infrastructure >> Institute Buildings

Inputs Needed

  • Campus Name
  • Add Building Type
  • Add Building Name
  • Area
  • Capacity
  • Number of Floors
  • Floor Details


  • Add new Institute Building.
  • Edit Institute Building details.
  • Block Institute Building.
  • Generate Building details in PDF.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Building List
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings.png

  • Add New Building
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings(2).png

  • Add Building Type
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings(1).png

  • Add Floor Details
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings(3).png

  • Edit Building Details
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings(5).png

  • Block Building
Screenshot 2019-09-23 Buildings(4).png