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Initializing Employee Leave AccountsInitializing Employee Leave Accounts

Leave module coverage

  1. This module targets end-to-end automation of the Leave management process.
  2. Module allows detailed and accurate generation of attendance reports of employees that are accumulated from database in real time.
  3. Leaves are adjusted in line with predefined rules and policies of the organization about late coming and early leaving from work and other leaves.
  4. The module offers an employee the liberty to initiate, track, and monitor Leave requests easily.
  5. Approval Authority can approve/deny Leave Request and check employee leave balances without navigating through a maze of spread sheets.
  6. Users can access leave application section from the Juno Campus Employee app using their mobile phones to raise, view and update their leave in the sections accordingly.
  7. The entire Leave management process becomes transparent and more efficient.
  8. Leave admin can eliminate paper-trails, reduce manual intervention, ensure legal compliance, and offer real-time data.

Terminology used

  • Casual Leave (CL) - Casual Leave are granted for certain unforeseen situation when employee are required to go for one or two days leaves to attend to personal matters and not for vacation.
  • Sick Leave (SL)/ Medical Leave (ML) - Sick Leave is an leave granted to employee when an employee is unwell or ill.
  • Leave without Pay (LWP) - If person does not have any unused leave and the situation warrants him to take the leave, the leave is granted by the Company as loss of pay
  • Earn Leave (EL) - Earned leave is leave which has been earned (in accordance with conditions of employee) and not taken at the time of severance
  • Compensatory Off (C Off) - Compensatory Off is a time off that is granted to a worker as compensation for working overtime.
  • On Duty (OD) - An employee can make Out Duty request in case of being out of office for the purpose of office work and is not able to mark his/her attendance. It can either be applied for present, past or future date.
  • Special Leave (SPL)- Special leave is an arrangement granted to an employee who needs to be absent from the work during working hours which do not come under other types of leave.
  • Maternity Leave (ML) - Maternity Leave is paid leave given to a female employee when she is pregnant
  • Paternity Leave (PL) - Paternity Leave is paid or unpaid leave given to a male employee when a child is born.
  • Half Pay Leave (HPL) - If an employee sanctioned half pay leave then his pay is half, means he is paid only 50% of pay for the said half pay leave period
  • Extraordinary Leave (EOL) - Extraordinary  Leave shall  always  be without  leave  salary and  may  be granted when  no  other kind  of  leave is  admissible,  or when  other  leave being admissible,  the  staff concerned  has  specifically applied  in  writing for the grant of EOL.
  • Leave Not Due (LND) - Leave Not Due may be granted only on medical grounds to a permanent staff with no HPL at his/her credit.
  • Commuted Leave (CL) - When commuted leave is granted, twice the amount of such leave shall be debited against the half pay leave due.
  • Restricted Leave (RL) - The entire office is not mandatory closed on restricted holidays, but some or all employees can take leave on the restricted holiday. Generally, the list of restricted holidays in a company can contain many leaves, but each employee is allowed to choose max 2 holidays from the list of restricted holidays.
  • Sabbatical leave (SBL) - Sabbatical leave is defined as a time period in which a person does not report to his regular job but who remains employed with that company.
  • Summer Vacation Leave (SVL)- Summer vacation (also called summer holiday or summer break) is a school holiday in summer between school years and the break in the school academic year. Students and teaching staff are typically off between eight and nine weeks, depending on the country and district.
  • Study Leave (STL) - Study leave is one of a range of professional learning options covering both formal and informal training and resources for employees in the teaching service to build the capacity of the workforce to improve student learning outcomes.
  • Group Leave (GL)- Leaves can be Individual or Group Leaves (e.g. Summer Vacation Leave (SVL) can be a group of Summer Vacation (SV) and Earn Leave (EL) deduction defined in any proportion lets say 50% SV and 50 % EL, then if an employee applies for 20 days SVL – 10 days Summer Vacation (SV) and 10 days Earn Leave would be deducted. Within EL First Non-En-cashable Balance then En-cashable Balance)

Leave Rules

  • Leave Rules configuration can be defined for
  • General Rules
  • Total No. of Days
  • Apply Before
  • Carry Forward
  • Half Pay Allowed
  • With Effect From e.g. for contractual employee Leave cycle is according to there contract period
  • Supporting Document Mandatory
  • En-cashable
  • Commuted Leave
  • Half Day Allowed
  • Quarter Day Allowed


  • 10 CL per calendar year is applicable
  • 30 Days EL is applicable out of which 15 Days will be cashable and 15 days will be non-cashable
  • EL should be preapproved only before at-least 1 day. If applied late – Alerts are prompted at the time of sanctioning
  • SL should be applied maximum within 02 working day after rejoining - If applied late – Alerts are prompted at the time of sanctioning
  • SL beyond 02 days should be supported by a medical certificate
  • Balance CL (un-availed) can be enchased at the end of the calendar year i.e 31st December

Leave Credit Rules

Leave Credits can be defined at

  • Beginning of Cycle
  • End of Cycle
  • Pro-rata
  • Can be Credited in Probation period?
  • After Joining Leave Credited From Which (Mention) Cycle up-to Which Cycle ***


  • CL will be credited in advance on 01st January of every calendar year
  • EL will be credited only at the end of the calendar year i.e. 31st December for that particular year
  • SL can be credited on prorate basis
  • EL Cannot be credited in Probation Period
  • SVL Can be applied only in specific duration
  • *** Particular Leave can be availed after 3 years of joining upto 6 years from the date of joining.

IN ALL CALCULATION Leave on LOSS of Pay (LOP) will extend the leave cycle accordingly.

Leave Availing Rules

Leaves Avail rules can be

  • Can be Availed in Probation period?
  • Availed through Group Only?
  • Privileged Leave
  • From Joining Leave Avail After 
  • Max No of Days Allowed at a Time
  • Min No of Days Allowed at a Time
  • No of Times Allowed per Cycle
  • Leave can be availed Throughout cycle or only a in a Specified Period

Example : EL cannot be taken more than 03 times in a calendar year

Leave Suffix/Pre-fix Rules

If Leave is adjacent to Weekly off/Holiday then

  • Prefix and Suffix Weekly off/Holiday should be counted with leave
  • Either of Prefix or Suffix Weekly off/Holiday should be counted with leave
  • In between Weekly off/Holiday should be counted as leave

Example : If we take 01 day CL on Friday (in the case of 05 days working) and 01 CL on Monday both the Saturday & Sunday will be calculated as a part of leave and since CL cannot be taken more than 02 times in a stretch hence some other kind of leave is to be applied

Additional Rules

Inspite of the existing rules additional rules can be defined as

Leave Credit Rules for New Joined Employees:

  1. CL can be credited on prorate basis from the date of joining till 31st December of that calendar year
  2. SL can be credited on prorate basis from the date of joining till 31st December of that calendar year


No two type of Leaves can be taken together

If an employee applies for leave which falls adjacent to another leaves proper alert messages to the employee and all sanctioning authorities will be flashed.

Leave Encashment Rules

The following can be configured

  • Which leaves can be encashed ?
  • How many time can the leave be encashed ?
  • How many maximum leaves can be encashed ?
  • How much minimum balance should be maintained ?


  • Twice in an service time of an employee
  • Employee can encash EL twice in his service time, once in between and once at the time of separation.
  • Maximum 300 EL can be encashed
  • Minimum balance of 30 needs to be maintained.

IN ALL CALCULATION Leave on LOSS of Pay (LOP) will extend the leave cycle accordingly.

Leave Encashment

  • Leave encashment request can be made by an employee according to the rules.
  • The request goes through a complete approval process from reporting managers, leave admins etc.
  • The request finally is forwarded to the finance admin, who calculates the amount to be paid.
  • A payment voucher is generated where, TDS deductions can be made and payments can be done to the employee
  • Suitable Ledger entries are maintained for the same.

Initializing Employee leave Account

  • Initially Employee balances needs to be entered.
  • There after year-on-year leave balances are carry forwarded and maintained by the system.
  • Leave balances can be viewed by Finance admin, Leave admin and employee
  • Finance admin uses for salary calculations, Leave admin for maintenance, And employee for viewing and using. 

Leave Application

  • Any employee can be initiating a Leave application from his login after checking his balances.
  • Leave Application requires contact number, alternate employee arrangements for various duties etc.
  • Generally every Leave application goes thru following processes
  • Application
  • Verification
  • Recommendation
  • Approval
  • However all verification, recommendation and approval are configurable and also can be by-passed for automatically going to the next stage.
  • If leave application is falling adjacent to another leave application – suitable alert messages are flashed.
  • If number of days of leaves applied are higher then permitted in one go – alert messages are flashed.

Alternate arrangement and his approval

  • Alternate employees get alert messages to accept the work-load delegated to them by the employee going on leave.
  • They can accept the same, reject or keep the same pending.

Leave Rejection/Approval

  • According to the configuration the leave application then goes to the verification authority, recommendation authority and approval authority.
  • If any of the authorities is by-passed then the application directly moves up the hierarchy.
  • If any of the mediating authority rejects the application the alert is sent to the employee.
  • The leave application can be edited by these authority to increase or decrease the number of days applied for.
  • While viewing the leave application, other details of the employee can be judged e.g. His leave history, worksheet, sending him messages etc.
  • Finally Leave application can be approved or rejected or edited and approved.

Cancelling Sanctioned Leaves

If Leave has already approved, but

  • Employee comes for duty – it could be that he got 4 days leave sanctioned and he comes ½ days in-between
  • Before going on leave he requests the leave admin to cancel his leave application.

In such cases the sanctioned leave application can be cancelled entirely by the leave admin.

In case he wants to cancel part leave – the whole application is cancelled, and new application needs to be raised.

Leave Balances

  • While configuring the Leaves, which leaves are carry forwarded and how much maximum balance is allowed can be configured.
  • Initially opening balances of each employee needs to be entered.
  • There after year-on-year leave balances are carry forwarded and maintained by the system.
  • Leave balances can be viewed by Finance admin, Leave admin and employee.
  • Finance admin uses for salary calculations, Leave admin for maintenance, And employee for viewing and using.


An employee can apply for LWP / Sabbatical Leave

If the application is approved, then salary will be deducted but no result will be observed on probation period or extention of leave cycle or any other similar period related calculation.

In contrast LOP can be marked in various situations

  1. An employees leave is rejected and he has still proceeded for leave.
  2. Through automatic deduction – if all the other leave balances are exhausted, then Short attendance is converted to LOP

All these LOP will result in

  • Deduction of pay
  • Extension of all applicable periods. For e.g. if service contract was to be converted from probation confirmation, LOP will extend the duration of probation by those no of days.
  • Leave on LOSS of Pay (LOP) will extend the leave cycle accordingly.

Office Duty

Configuration for Office Duty  permissible types needs to be defined, along with sanctioning authorities.

  • Office Duty application can be made by an employee.
  • Application will contain the type of office work the employee is going for, for what date range and time range etc.
  • Weather he is traveling because of the office duty, if its an out-station travel or local or international.
  • Finance admin will sanction traveling related benefits accordingly.
  • According to the category of work, the sanctioning will be done by respective admins.
  • Alternate employees who will take responsibility of the work during absentees needs to be mentioned (though optional).

Example : If employee wants to attend a research conference, research admin will scrutinize the application and will sanction the same.

Compensatory Off

If an employee has worked on a holiday, the same can be seen by the leave admin through his login.

  • The leave admin then will be prompted if compensatory off has to be given.
  • Compensatory Leave configuration includes
  • Adding Category of work for Compensatory OFF.
  • Depending on Category of Work, sanctioning authority can be configured.
  • Validity for compensatory leave.
  • What time the validity period is defined, whether at the time of approving compensatory is sanctioned or initially.
  • Limits to compensatory leaves application.
  • Sanctioning Authorities.

The employee can apply for compensatory leave after approval can avail the same.

AUTO-CREDIT of compensatory leave is possible if configured accordingly. If an employee works for Min no of hours defined while configuration, he/she will be auto-credited compensatory off.

Leave finalization and Salary Calculation

The Leave module output serves as input to Salary module as a basis of salary generation.

Towards the end of each month, leave admin must finalize the MUSTER for the month

  • One pre-requisite for finalizing is – if only in-time of an employee is recorded, the leave admin needs to complete the attendance by entering the out-time.
  • He needs to Freeze the Muster for the period for which salary is to be derived. This freezing calculated all deductions off leave balances, LWP’s and total number of working days for which salary will be paid to each employee.
  • After freezing the finance admin is alerted and a details report with working days calculation for each employee is seen by finance admin on the basis of which salary is calculated.