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All student must be activated from the placement cycle in advance.

Application Approval

the students profile will be approved by Placement Admin by verifying required details.


Placement Admin


Placement Admin » Placement Cell » Approve Student Profile

Terminology Used

  • Show Pending Approvals - The list of students whose profile is not approved.
  • View Profile : The detail of the student profile will be shown.
  • Show Approved Students - list of students whose profile is approved.
  • Show Debarred Students - list of students who are debar from placement activity for some reasons.
  • Summary - In this tab you can get the count of total number of students, disapproved students, approved students and debar students.
  • View Profile Change Request - The list of students who have sent request to make changes in profile.

Inputs Needed

  • Department Name
  • Year of Passing


  • Approving or Disapproving the student profile for placement
  • Debar the student
  • Accept or reject the student request to make the changes in profile.
  • The summary of total number of students, approved students, disapproved students and debar students can be given.
  • Allow us download or upload Placed Student Details Template.

Step by Step

  • Approve Student Profile Page
  • Show Pending Approval Page
Pending approval.png
  • Show Approved Student Page
Approve student.png
  • Summary Page
  • View Profile Change Request Page
Profile change request.png