Fee Advances

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Fee Advance

In many institutes advance fees are taken for confirmation of next year admission. Advance collection includes below steps

  1. Making advance receivable entry
  2. Advance collection from student
  3. Settling of advance against fee.


Finance Admin


Finance Admin >> Accounting >> Accounting Configuration >> Ledger

Finance Admin >> Report >> Academic Fee Report >> Fine Report

Finance Admin >> Report >> Academic Fee Report >> Miscellaneous to fee transfer report.

Terminology Used

Advance Fee- Advance fees are amount taken for future. In accounting terms advances are marked as liabilities.

Settlement of advances- Advances taken further marked as income from students by settling it against fee head.

Inputs Needed

For Advance ledger creation

Account of

Fee Advance against

Ledger Name

Ledger Alias

Type of Account

Group / Scheduler

For marking advance receivable against students





Advance receivable entry

Advance collection from student

Setting of advance fee against fee head.

Step by Step

Ledger Creation for advance fee collection

Advance fee1.png

Advance fee ledger against Tuition fee

Advance fee2.png
Advance fee3.png

Student advance receivable upload against Tuition Fee (Advance)

Advance fee4.png

Excel upload for student receivable.

Advance fee5.png

Upload success window.

Advance fee6.png

Once student will pay advance from their login. Finance admin can settle those against fee structure.

Advance fee7.png

Settled transactions

Advance fee8.png

Replication of advance settled on student receivable In below screenshot 10000 fee is settled against 2020-2021 fee structure. So this settled advance comes under 'Paid Amount'

Advance fee9.png