Hostel Plan

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Hostel Plan

Institute or Campus has an hostel facility provided to the students pursuing the program in an institute. Hostel shall have an plan.Hostel Plan can be configured by specifying the details like Name, From Date, To Date, Hostel Rules etc.


Hostel Admin


Hostel Admin >> Configuration » Hostel Plan

Inputs Needed

Policy Name

Add Plan Name

Add From Date

Add To Date

Specify Student Hostel Registration Dates

Add Hostel Rules

Hostel Registration Fees

Registration Payment Details

Admission Payment Type

Vacation Configuration


Prepare Hostel Plan.

Edit Hostel Plan.

De-Activate Hostel Plan.

Add Mess Type.

Step by step

Hostel Plan

Hostel Plan.png

Add Hostel Plan

Add Hostel Plan.png

Edit Hostel Plan Details

Edit Hostel Plan Details .png

Upload Undertaking Forms against Hostel Policy

Undertaking Forms against Hostel Policy.png

Add Mess Type

Mess Configuration.png

Deactivate Hostel Plan

Deactivate Plan.png