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SMS Configuration with JUNO CAMPUS ERP, This facility has been used for sending SMS.


Head Admin

Org Admin


Org Admin>>Policy Configuration

Head Admin>>Organization>>Gateway>>SMS Gateway

Terminologies Used

  1. Create New Configuration
  • New form generated
  • Connection Name :- As per user
  • Connection url :- API provided by SMS vendor/ client.
  • User name :- Provided by SMS vendor.
  • Password:- Provided by SMS vendor.
  • Request Type :- Post.
  • XML DATA(if POST): Sender Id.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name
  • Create new Configuration.


1. Particular information can be delivered via SMS to all the students and faculty.

2. Admin has the rights to deliver.ed the information to specific departments.

3. Student and faculty can view the received message through their login.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps

  • SMS Configuration page
SMS Configuration page.png
  • Create New Configuration -
Create SMS Configuration .png