Reading Hall Transactions

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Reading Hall Transactions

The transactions related to Reading hall like issue of book for reading inside the reading hall and returning it on same day is captured under this page. These transactions are done only for small duration of time (For instance, issuing magazine for reading in Reading Hall and returning it on same day).

Some Pre-requisites for these transactions are:

  • Media type "Reading hall" should be created in Library Configuration.
  • Medias should be available under "Library copy" type.


Library Admin


Issue-Return » Reading Hall Transactions

Inputs Needed

  • Member Card Id to which transaction is to be made.
  • Accession number of media type being transacted.


  • Issuing media to members.
  • Returning/Re-issue of medias issued by member.
  • Printing Transaction receipt.
  • Viewing Fine List if any fine history is available for the member.
  • Including other fines with existing transaction.
  • Extract Reports for Issued, Returned and Re-issued medias.

Step by Step

1) Issue, return or re-issue Library media to member.

Issue Reading Hall media.png

2) Including other Fines for the transaction(If any).

Include other fines.png

3) Generate reports for Issued, re-issued or returned medias.

Reading hall report.png