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Email Alerts to Referee

A referee is someone who has been given the responsibility of evaluating the suitability of thesis and the candidate for the award of PG and Ph.d.So it is really important that referee should get all email alerts for invitation,student submission,approval and reminder to evaluate candidates synopsis & Thesis.

Once the referee is finalized by dean all such email alerts will be send to referee on his/her registered email id.


  • Academic Admin
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Academic Admin

Academic Admin » Organization » Project Configuration » Referee Details

Faculty (Dean)

Faculty » Academics » Guide/Synopsis/Thesis Approval » Dean Approval » Dean Synopsis Approval


Personal » Thesis- Thesis Department Approval


  • Referee login must be created and approved by dean for an individual candidate


  • Referee Login : Once referee login created by dean or academic admin credential and invitation will be sent to referee on his/her registered email id.Referee will be login and evaluate Synopsis & Thesis online.
  • Auto reminder : Dean and thesis department will be able to send auto reminder email to referee if synopsis & thesis invitation acceptance or Referee report submission is pending by referee.
  • Open Defense Alert : Email alert will sent to the referee for open defense of candidate after approval of respective authorities.

Step by step

1) Referee Login Creation

Referee login 11.png

2) Auto Reminder

  • Dean Login
Referee reminder1.png
Email Alerts to referee1.png
  • Thesis Dept Login
Imagethesis r.png