Employee Publication Detail

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Employee Publication Detail

Faculties can add their publication details from their profile under defined publication categories. These publication details be further reviewed by the research department & API score can be calculated based on these details.




Staff/Faculty >> Personal >> Profile.

Terminology Used

  • Publication category- Employee can add publication under fixed set of defined categories. Based on the category further API score can be calculated.
  • ISSN- International Standard Identification Number

Inputs Needed

Publication Category

Year of Publication

Academic Year

Name of Journal

ISSN Number



Page Number

Publisher of Journal

Classification of Journal


No. of times paper Downloaded (if electronic Journal)

SOW Year  

National / International

Category of publication as per AACSB

Soft copy availability with Research Department?

Number of pages available

Digital Object Identifier(DOI) (If any)

Hyperlink of paper  

Impact factor of Journal

Citation (no. of times paper has been cited)

Reference (Calculated. Please refer to section References)

Remark (if any)  

Author Details


Add, Edit or Delete Publication Details

Step by Step

Adding publication details from employee login.

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Employee Publication2.png
Employee Publication3.png
Employee Publication4.png