Leave Sanction Hierarchy

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Leave Sanction Hierarchy

Leave Sanction Hierarchy is process through which an employees leave application is processed. This process includes the verification of the leave application at multiple levels within the organization. Leave may or may not be sanctioned by the Director or by a member of staff to whom the power has been delegated by the Director. Usually, the HR or the Leave Admin has the authority for verification and regulates the leave accounts of the employees in the organization.


Leave Admin


Leave Configuration » Leave Policy Configuration

Terminology Used

  1. Sanctioning Authority - A member of the staff or the Director who has the power to approve / reject leave applications of the the employees.

Inputs Needed

  1. Leave Types must be created.
  2. Reporting Managers should be assigned to the employees.


  • Any leave should be applied prior by employees and should be approved by the sanctioning authority before a particular employee avails the leave.
  • Hence the system provides the functionality to define sanctioning hierarchy. This hierarchy is divided into 4 levels:
  1. Authentication Authority
  2. Approval from Reporting Manager 1.
  3. Approval from Reporting Manager 2.
  4. Sanctioning Authority
  • Depending on the organizations hierarchy structure, name of the sanctioning authority can be defined.
  • Authentication Authority can be with the leave admin. Reporting Manager 1 and Reporting Manager 2 can be two different personnel and the final sanctioning authority can be at the director of the organization.
  • The system allows to define the names of the personnel at each level.
  • Any leave application which has been applied by an employee, is first viewed by the authentication authority. Once he approves, the leave application will be further viewed by the reporting manager 1 and later can be viewed by reporting manager 2. After the leave application is approved by both the reporting managers, the leave application can be viewed by the final Sanctioning Hierarchy.
  • Once the leave is approved by the Sanctioning Authority, the employee can actually avail the leave.
  • If the leave is rejected by the Authentication Authority, or by any level of the hierarchy the leave application will not proceed to the next level.

Step by Step

  1. Leave Sanctioning Hierarchy
Sanctioing Hierarchy.jpg