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Course File

Academic functionality includes maintaining teaching logs which is known as Course File. It is a function of course(subject) allocated to a faculty, for a batch pursuing a program. Its use is for maintaining Teaching Logs (Course Files), which includes

  • Syllabus - A syllabus is an academic document that communicates information about a specific course and defines expectations and responsibilities.
  • Timetable - Timetable is a plan of the times when particular events are to take place. In a school or college, a timetable is a list that shows the times in the week at which particular courses(subjects) are taught.
  • Lesson plan - A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course(subject) of instruction or learning trajectory for a lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class learning.
  • Attendance - The action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event.
  • Case studies - Case studies are an increasingly popular form of teaching and have an important role in developing skills and knowledge in students. This guide explores the use of the case-based approach to support engineering education and more specifically, their role in Materials Science related Higher Education courses.
  • Assignments - A task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study.
  • On-line tests - Online examination is conducting a test online to measure the knowledge of the participants on a given topic. With online examination students can appear for exam online, in their own time and with their own device.
  • Evaluation Parameter and Internal marks freezing, weight age calculation.
  • Teaching notes and material - A teaching note is a note attached to a case to help instructors learn about the case to improve the teaching. It is a good tool for both teachers and students if it is done the right way.

Terminologies Used:

  • Program: Program is usually similar to qualification but not always. In Engineering colleges, all first year students are allocated to the program "Applied Science" which is a mixed group for teaching basics of Engineering to all specialization. In the second year Applied Science students are distributed to different programs(non-functional departments) like BE - Comp, BE - Civil, BE Mech.
  • Batch: Batch is a Lot of students administered to a program from admission year upto expected passing year. For example a four year course of BE - Comp with admission year 2018 and expected passing year 2022 will have the batch 2018-22 The student may however have year - down and pass later, but for identification batch remains the same.
  • Semester/Term: In a four year program there can be 8 semesters/term or 12 semesters/term or only 4 semesters/term depending on whether the term is 6 months or 4 months or 12 months.


Able to perform all the activities/functions related to specific course for the duration of whole term.

  • Able to view personal as well as departmental planner.
  • Able to view the contents of course(subject) outline.
  • Able to view faculty session allocation, so that faculty should know which sessions are allocated to them in case of multiple faculties are mapped to course(subject).
  • Facilitate to capture session plan & also able to replicate to other sections.
  • Able to view class schedule i.e. time table for specific course(subject).
  • Able to share documents with students.
  • Able to view attendance statistics.
  • Evaluation done for the course(subject), with marks and their weight-age can be seen and even can export to PDF or Excel.
  • All the evaluation parameters like individual assignment, group assignment, quiz, class participation,etc. can be configured.
  • Evaluation and sharing assignments with students can be done.
  • Configuration/handling process for individual assignment, group assignment and quiz from faculty login and Student login.