Issue/Return Transaction

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Issue/Return Transaction

All transactions related to issue or return of any library media can be conducted through this page. Book bank transactions can also be captured. Other details like On-shelf, total media count, issued count etc. is been displayed.


  • Library Admin


  • Issue-Return » Issue Return Transaction

Inputs Needed

  • Member Id for media transactions.
  • Accession number or barcode of library media for which transaction is to be conducted.


  • Issue of a library media.
  • Re-issue of library media.
  • Book Bank transactions can be conducted.
  • Reports can be generated for all media transactions.
  • Book requests transactions.
  • Marking Fine of members to Finance.

Terminology Used

Book Bank :

Step by Step

1) Issue a library media.

  * Select the "Rule type"(regular/exam) and "Transaction type"(with Barcode/without Barcode).
  * Enter Member Id for which book is to be issued and enter Accession number.
  * On click of Find button, required Accession number can be searched.
  * After entering Accession number, the issue date and return dates for media are automatically calculated.
  * By pressing enter button, selected media gets issued to member.
Issue media.png

2) Re-issue/Return library media

  * Select the Rule type(regular/exam) and transaction type(with Barcode/without Barcode).
  * Enter Member Id, all transaction details are fetched for entered member Id. 
  * Click on "Re-issue" button to re-issue or "Return" button to return the media.
Re-issue - Return media.png