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Inventory Admin


Configuration » Reorder Levels and Quantity / Configuration

Terminology Used

  • Minimum Quantity it refers to the minimum quantity of a particular item of material that must be kept in the stores at all times.
  • Maximum Quantity Maximum level is that level of inventory, which is not normally allowed to be exceeded.
  • Reorder Level Reorder level is the inventory level at which the Organization would place a new Purchase order.
  • Reorder Quantity The reorder quantity is the quantity of the order that is to be placed on a new purchase order for the particular product when the product quantity less than or equal to reorder level.

Input Needed

  • Minimum Quantity
  • Maximum Quantity
  • Reorder Level


  • Admin can set the Minimum, Maximum, reorder level as per organizational use of that product.
  • It will help to track of that product quantity level. It will indicate user on Inventory Transaction UI.
  • User can filter out product list based on Minimum, Maximum or Reorder level.
  • Reorder Quantity will be calculated based on minimum, maximum and reorder level.

Screen Shots / Steps

Set minimum, maximum, reorder quantity

Reorder level.png
  • To update minimum, maximum,reorder level click on edit
  • Enter the quantity and click on save
Reorder level edit.png


  • Admin can filter the product ( Minimum quantity, Maximum Quantity, Reorder Level, Reorder Quantity )
Rorder Filter.png