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Human resources management, or HR management, is a vital asset to all medium and large companies.

The HR department handles a variety of tasks for the company/institutes, including employee benefits, training, discipline and other tasks that work directly with the employees of the company. An HR manager needs a number of skills in order to run an efficient, organized HR department. These skills include organization, multi-tasking, knowledge of professional development and leadership skills.


The human resources manager works with executive management to ensure the most qualified employees are positioned in the appropriate roles. When hiring needs arise, it's your job to develop a job description, advertise for the position, screen and interview applicants. You also perform background checks, contact references and invite other executives to be part of the interview process to ensure a good fit with a new employee.

Service Book

Service book is a virtual document to record all the events of an Employee in his/her entire service period with the organization, recording each and every administrative action concerning right from the stage of his recruitment till his retirement to reflect the history of remuneration done by the organization for a particular employee.


If the organization provides multiple work times for employees in which they can work, then the system allows to configure work time for individual employees according to his/her preference. The system also has the provision to change the work time at any point of time.

Bio-metric Devices

The system has a provision to configure multiple bio-metric machines to through the head admin role. As the devices are configured with the system, rest of the tasks such as updating the daily attendance reports of the employees are just a click away.


While registering the fingerprints on the bio-metric devices, the finger print ID needs to be saved in the system which is a one time task. This registration needs to be done through the Head Admin role by following path: Organization » Gateways » Bio-metric Gateway.

Daily Attendance Report

Daily Attendance Report of any post, level, department can be pulled by selecting the particular dates. These details can be viewed through the Leave Admin by following path: Reports » Muster Reports » Daily Attendance Report. The report can be downloaded in pdf or excel format if required.

Monthly muster report

In this report the consolidated report for the entire department or a post can be viewed. The system has a configuration to display the report weekly, monthly, etc. This report can be fetched through the Leave Admin by following path: Reports » Muster Reports » Monthly Muster Report.The report can be downloaded in pdf or excel format if required.

Muster Freezing

After all the bio-metric data is fetched from the machine and no unnecessary leaves are been deducted for any individual employee or student we need to freeze the muster after which no changes in the muster can be done. After freezing of the muster is done, the admin can proceed further for salary calculation.

Leave Deduction

Rules exist for deducting leaves depending upon the late marks, early going and single punch. These rules can be configured as per the organizations working policy. The policy can be configured through Leave Admin » Muster » Muster Policy Configuration.

Late Coming and Early Going

The number of time employee can seek late coming or early going request can be configured. Let say it has been configured for 3 times in a month, then employee can not make a fourth request in the same month.

Also late coming or early going request has been restricted to at-least 5 hrs. the employee cannot change his work time to less than 5 hrs. and make a request to regularize the same.

Missed Punch Requests.

If in case an employee or student has forgotten or missed to punch into the bio-metric machine due to which the there is a short attendance marked in this case the system provides the facility to request for missed punch. All the employee or the student has to specify the correct time and the reason for the punch being missed. Once this is submitted the request is been forwarded to the concerned login who has the authority to approve the missed punch requests. Once the requests are approved, the same will be updated in the employees / students muster report. The missed punch request can be applied through the following path: Personal » Muster Details » Personal Muster