Colloquium approval by Infrastructure authority

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Colloquium Approval by Infrastructure Authority

The colloquium is where the registered candidate of doctoral study programmes present their ongoing research carried out within the framework of their Ph.d Thesis.

  • The colloquium will be arranged by the Department concerned with a suitable notice and will be open to all,so candidate can book infrastructure for his/her colloquium.





Infrastructure Requisition Acceptance


  • Infrastructure authority must be configured in infrastructure booking charges from Head admin
  • Candidate colloquium request should be approved by Guide

Terminologies Used

  • Guide : Guide shall mean a member of the academic staff of the University/Constituent Unit, who guide/supervise the research work of the candidate.
  • HOD : Head of the Department
  • Dean : The head of a university faculty or department.
  • Referee : A referee is someone who has been given the responsibility of evaluating the suitability of thesis and the candidate for the award of PG and Ph.d.
  • Convocation Year : Convocation means a large, formal meeting, esp. for the ceremony at a university at the end of a course of study.We can define period to identify candidate who have registered or accomplished their Synopsis & Thesis in defined Convocation Year.


1) Check Infrastructure Availability

  • Respective authority shall check availability of infrastructure and decide to accept or reject the Candidate colloquium request.

2) Accept

  • Authority will be able to Accept the request.It will be send to next higher authority for approval once approved.

3) Reject

  • Authority will be able to reject the requisition.
  • If the requisition is rejected due to some reason candidate need to resubmit the Colloquium request and get the approval of concerned authorities again.

4) Authority will able to check accepted,pending and rejected candidates requisition details in separate tab.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps

1) Job tray in Infrastructure authority login : Student colloquium Approval

Infra approval1 i.png
2) Accept / Reject Requisition
Check infra.png
Accepted list.png