Employee Salary Parameter Mapping

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Employee Salary Parameter Mapping

  • System allows to configure multiple salary components. These components can be additional allowances or deduction allowances
  • Formula for these components can be configured too. Different formula can be defined for respective post types.
  • These components need to be mapped to individual employees based on the employees and the components applicable to them. This is known as employee salary parameter mapping.
  • Priority for each parameter needs to be set so as to calculate the employees salary correctly.
  • If employee is of institute level, then should be mapped with renewal policy.


Employee Salary Mapping can be done through Finance Admin Role.


Salary » Employee Salary Parameters


  • Finance Admin will be able to view the list of available parameters.
  • Finance Admin can assign / map individual parameter employee wise.
  • Finance Admin can change the existing salary configuration of an employee.
  • Before proceeding with salary calculation, each employee needs to be configured with the applicable salary parameters so that the system calculates the salary correctly.
  • The system provides convenience to map the employees with salary parameters individually or all at once. For example: If the finance admin needs to assign a common salary parameter "Basic Pay" for multiple employees then the system has the convenience to assign these common parameters to all employees all at once.
  • The system has the provision to set the parameters formula based and also there are few parameters such as traveling allowance, food allowance, manual deductions for which the amount needs to be entered manually.


  • Amounts are automatically calculated through the system based on the parameters allocated for individual employees.
  • Once all the parameters are allocated and the calculations are done, the net salary is calculated by deducting the decrement parameters from the increment parameters.
  • Therefore, employee and salary mapping will reflect on final employee salary slip.


  • Salary cannot be calculated if the employees are not mapped with the salary parameters. Hence it is very important to assign applicable parameters to the employees.
  • Assigning / mapping of additional or non applicable salary parameters to individual employees will result in wrong salary calculation.
  • Whenever a new salary parameter is created, then this component needs to be assigned / mapped with the employees to which it is applicable. If not done so, then the impact of the new parameter will not reflect in the salary calculation.

Step by Step

  1. Employee Salary Mapping
Employee Salary Mapping.jpg
Employee Salary Mapping 2.jpg

2. Multiple Employees Salary Component Mapping

Multiple Employees.jpg