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Fee » Hostel Fees Fixation » Hostel Fee

Fee » Hostel Fees Fixation » Hostel Fee Invoice

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Terminology Used

Fee Structure Name- Fee structure name will be user defined name for particular fee structure. This can be used for identification purpose by user and will be displayed at student end also.

Applicable from date - These will be the dates in which fee structure will be effective. If student is active in 2nd year, his/her dates of first year's fee structure should be inactive and 2nd years fee structure should be active.

Hostel Type - Hostel Type through which students have taken admission.

Room Type - Room Type through which student have taken admission.

Ac / Non-Ac Type - Ac / Non-Ac Type through which student have taken admission.

Input Needed

Fee structure name

Applicable from date

Fee structure rules if any

Hostel Type

Room Type


- Creation of fee structure- Fee structure can be created with some basic details like fee structure name, from dates etc.

- Replication of fee structure- Fee structure can be replicated from Fee Structure Name as well.

- Invoice Generation- Generation of all the invoices on single click if Hostel and Room type of student is defined.

- Installments- Installments can be given according to hostel and Infrastructure(room) Type. Installments can be directly mapped with the Infrastructure Type. For example if installment will be given to 2 seater Infrastructure Type, Installment will be applicable to all students who comes under this Infrastructure(room) Type.

- Infrastructure(room) Type - Room types can be added particular to that fee structure or can be viewed if already added by hostel admin.

Screen Shots / Steps

Hostel Fees Fixation

Hostel Fees Fixation.png

Fee structure

- To create new fee structure click on Create new fee structure button.

Fee structure.png
Fee structure details

- To add Fee structure particulars click on Add button.

Fee structure details.png

Room Type Fees configuration

- To make room type wise fees configuration click on Next button.

Room type wise fees configuration.png

Invoice Generation

- To generate Invoice click on Next button.

Invoice Generation..png

- To view hostel fee invoice click on Finish button.

Hostel Fee Fixation .png

Hostel Allocation » Occupant Search

- To allocate hostel room and generate invoice as per their allocated room type.

Occupant Search.png

Hostel Fee Invoice

- To take fees from student search student name at search box.

Hostel Fee Invoice..png
Student Invoice view .png

For Receipt Generation

- To generate receipt of particular student click on Generate Invoice button.

Student Details..png

- To generate receipt of particular student click on Receipt button.

Receipt Button.png

Hostel Admission Cancellation

- For admission cancellation click on Hostel Admission Cancellation button.

Hostel Admission Cancellation.png