Student Grievance Resolution and Closure

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Student Grievance Resolution and Closure

Once a grievance is raised by student from their respective logins the same is escalated to allocated authority. Responsible authority can than take action on registered complaint and get it resolved. Once resolved the grievance can be closed by specifying details and closure date.


Staff Login(Grievance In-charge Login), Student Login


Staff Login(Grievance In-charge Login) >> Personal >> Feedback Grievances >> In Process Application

Staff Login(Grievance In-charge Login) >> Personal >> Feedback Grievances >> Completed Application

Student Login >> Communication >> Grievance >> Complaint History

Inputs Needed

  • Complaint/Grievances details


1) In process application list

  • Authority can view the list of registered complaint in progress.
  • After getting grievance resolved authority can add final comment.

2) Set Closing Date

  • Once grievance is resolved the closing date can be defined for same.
  • Authority can specify details or description for closure of grievance or compliant.
  • Once grievance is closed the status for same shall change to completed.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • List of grievances in process

  • Final comments on raised grievance

  • Define closing date

  • Enter details with closing date

  • Completed grievances

  • Staff can view authority's comment on grievances

  • From student login grievance status :- Completed