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Evaluation Universe

Evaluation Universe is a master, used to define evaluation parameters set, from which a subset can be used for different courses(subjects) under a program for student internal assessment.


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Organization >> Syllabus Configuration >> Evaluation Universe

Terminologies Used

  • Program: Program is usually similar to qualification but not always. In Engineering colleges, all first year students are allocated to the program "Applied Science" which is a mixed group for teaching basics of Engineering to all specialization. In the second year Applied Science students are distributed to different programs(non-functional departments) like BE - Comp, BE - Civil, BE Mech.
  • Evaluation Parameter: Evaluation parameter is used to define assessment criteria for students in academics.For program BE - Comp faculty may have evaluation parameter as Attendance, Assignments, Orals, etc on which students would be rewarded with marks.

Inputs Needed

  • Programme Name
  • Evaluation Parameter
  • Assessment Type
  • Minimum Frequency
  • Maximum Frequency
  • Minimum Weightage
  • Maximum Weightage


  • Add Evaluation Parameters
  • Edit or Modify Evaluation Parameters
  • Delete Evaluation Parameters
  • Enable or Disable Evaluation Parameters
  • Set Priority to Evaluation Parameters

Configuration and it's Effects

Primary Functionality :

CASE 1 :- Add Evaluation Parameter

  • Evaluation parameter can be added from evaluation universe under which sub evaluation parameters can also be added.
  • Maximum Frequency to add sub evaluation parameter has to be defined.
  • Option to add sub evaluation parameter is available only when the faculty subject allocation is completed.
  • If an evaluation universe has no parameters defined faculty shall have no option to add sub parameters for evaluation.

CASE 2 :- Edit or Delete Evaluation Parameter

  • User can edit evaluation parameter details except the parameter name.
  • Delete evaluation parameter would delete the parameter from evaluation universe master.

CASE 3 :- Enable or Disable Evaluation Parameter

  • If an evaluation parameter is not going to be used for current academic year user may disable the same.

CASE 4 :- Set Priority for Evaluation Parameter

  • Priority option is used to specify the sequence to display the evaluation parameters on result.

Step by step:

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Add new evaluation parameter
Evaluation Parameter Universe3.png

  • Active evaluation parameter

  • Disable evaluation parameter
  1. Evaluation Parameter Universe33.png