Muster Policy Creation

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Muster Policy Creation

Muster Policy configuration enables defining muster policy that shall be applicable to all the employee working in an organization. From and to dates signifies start and end dates for particular muster policy. Various parameters under muster policy are Weekly Off, Holiday Calendar, Working Hours, Late Reporting Rules and Holiday Lists.


Leave Admin


Leave Admin >> Muster >> Muster Policy Configuration

Terminologies Used

  • Muster : Generally, the term muster is used to refer individual attendance registers maintained at work sites. It also refers to the official role of persons.

Inputs Needed

  • Policy Name


1) Add New Policy

  • Based on institute policy user can add new muster policy.
  • Define start and end date for the new muster policy.
  • Policy can only be defined once for any institute for an yearly cycle.

2) Extend Policy Date

  • Muster policy dates can be modified.
  • Existing muster policy dates can be extended.
  • Holiday calendar is usually visible for an year which has 12 months view starting from January to December, thus muster policy cycle is usually created annually from January to December.

3) View History Policy

  • List of Muster policy used in past.
  • User can delete history records.
  • Legacy muster records are fetched.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Muster Policy Configuration

  • Add New Policy Dates

  • Extend Existing Policy Date

  • View History Muster Policy