Daily Monitoring

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Daily Monitoring

Daily monitoring shall have record of meetings held between mentor and mentee. The dashboard view of student details and student as well as parent profile shall be visible.


Faculty Login, Academic Admin Login


Faculty Login >> Academics >> Academic Functions >> Student Mentoring >> Daily Monitoring


Academic Admin >> Functioning >> Class Coordination >> Daily Monitoring

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Term Name


  • Mentor can record the meeting held with mentee by specifying details like date, timings, venue, etc. The academic admin shall have the view of meetings held by far for mentee.
  • Mentor and academic admin both can view mentee dashboard and mentee profile.
  • Academic admin can also send SMS and Email for the meeting record to students.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Daily Monitoring record from faculty login
Daily Monitoring1.png

  • Dashboard
Daily Monitoring2.png

  • Meeting
Daily Monitoring3.png

  • Profile
Daily Monitoring4.png

  • Daily Monitoring view from academic admin login
Daily Monitoring5.png

  • Meeting
Daily Monitoring7.png

  • Profile & Parent Login
Daily Monitoring8.png