Hall Ticket Generation

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Hall Ticket Generation

Hall ticket is an mandatory document required for appearing in exam. Configuration related to hall ticket for students appearing for exams can be configured.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Scheduler >> Hall Ticket Generation

Input Needed

  • Stream Name


1) Hall Ticket Date Configuration

  • Allows an user to define hall ticket generation date.
  • Hall tickets can generated and issued between these defined dates.
  • Option to add employee(authority) signature.

2) Hall Ticket Configure

  • Hall ticket parameters can be configured.
  • Sequential priority can be set for First Name, Last Name, PRN number, etc.
  • Based on Sequential priority the hall ticket shall be printed.
  • Option to reset hall ticket number series.

3) Hall Ticket Instructions

  • Instructions to be displayed on hall ticket can be drafted by admin.
  • These defined set of instructions shall be visible to students on hall ticket printed copy.

4) Institute wise Hall Ticket Generation

  • Institute wise hall ticket configuration option
  • This enables configuration of hall ticket for single institute likewise every institute can have its own configuration for hall tickets.
  • Based on student status hall ticket can be configured for currently Pursuing Student, Year-down student or Pass-out Student Having Backlog.
  • Option to manually add hall ticket number or automatically generate seat number, Assign unique id as seat number and Assign roll number as seat number.
  • Block allocation, Center allocation for students appearing for exams.
  • Feature to generate Barcode and Holograms.
  • Student side hall ticket printing option can be enabled.
  • Printing options for Hall tickets, Attendance sheet, Student list, etc.

5) Print Hall Ticket

  • Enables Hall ticket and Student attendance sheet printing.
  • Based on student status hall ticket can be generated and printed for currently Pursuing Student, Year-down student or Pass-out Student Having Backlog.

6) PHD Student Hall Ticket

  • Similar to hall ticket configuration functionality for graduate students, we can configure hall tickets for students pursuing PHD program.

7) Semester Hall Ticket Generation

  • Option allows to generate semester wise hall tickets.
  • Enables printing and generation of hall tickets.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Hall ticket date configuration
Hall Ticket Generation22.png

  • Hall ticket configure
Hall Ticket Generation3.png

  • Hall ticket instructions
Hall Ticket Generation5.png

  • Institute hall ticket generation
Hall Ticket Generation6.png

  • Print hall ticket
Hall Ticket Generation8.png