Purchase Requisition Authority

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Purchase Requisition Authority

The configuration is given for adding different budget range and for each budget range approval authorities can be configured.


  • Institute renewal policy should be defined
  • PSI(Purchase, Stock and Inventory) policy should be created


Purchase admin


Authority Configuration » Purchase Requisition Authority


New budget range can be configured.

For each budget range able to add/edit authorities with priorities.

Configuration set for authority as mandatory according to budget range.

Existing budget range can be deleted.

Depending on the purchase amount – different authorities can be nominated for sanction.

Configuration can be set for single party purchase rules.

Configuration can be set for online purchase requisition approval's.

Step by Step

Purchase requisition authority

Purchase Requisition Authority.png

Add new budget range

Purchase Requisition Authority1.png

Add new authority

Purchase Requisition Authority2.png

View Authority

Purchase Requisition Authority4.png

Online Purchase requisition

Purchase Requisition Authority5.png

Purchase requisition higher authority configuration

Purchase Requisition Authority6.png

Single party authority configuration

Purchase Requisition Authority7.png