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Office Doc Request

Employee from their respective logins can send requisitions for official documents like(Employment Certificate, Character Certificate, Relieving Letter,etc). Requisition than goes to authority for approvals and post approvals the document is given to employee.


Employee(Faculty and Staff) Login


Faculty Login >> Requisitions >> Document Request to Office


Staff Login >> Requisitions >> Document Request to Office

Inputs Needed

  • Document Name
  • Document Template


1) New Request

  • Employee can raise request for official documents like Employment Certificate, Character Certificate, etc.
  • Employee can specify the Reason for document application.

2) View History

  • Employee may check the document history.
  • Updated status on requested documents hall be updated at employee end also.
  • Employee can view sanctioning status and handover details for document.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • New Document Request

  • Reason for document request

  • Listing of Document request