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Course Material

Course material contains documents or study material wich faculty teaching course can share with students. Course contents can be shared with entire batch studying that course.


Faculty Login


Faculty Login >> Shortcut >> Course File >> Course Material

Inputs Needed

  • Add New Document


Course Material

  • Course material can be shared with students by creating document or folder for same.
  • Contents can be written or uploaded in document and shared.
  • Options to replicate same documents in different course file or batch.
  • Student from their respective login can view and download the content shared.

Step by step:

  • Course File
Course material1.png

  • Course Material
Course material3.png

  • Add Document
Course material4.png

  • Course Material Upload
Course material6.png

  • Course Material Sharing
Course material7.png

  • Course Material Replicate to other Course File
Course material8.png

  • Course Material Replicate to other Batch
Course material10.png