Elective Choice Configuration

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Elective Choice Configuration

Elective choice configuration allows to configure elective course for students to select for upcoming term. Minimum to maximum range for number of course credit allowed to select can be defined.


Academic Admin


Academic Admin >> Planning >> Electives Management >> Elective Choice Configuration

Inputs Needed

  • Program Name
  • Academic Batch


Add Elective Choice Configuration

  • User can add elective choice configuration for upcoming term.
  • Elective course choice across Dual Specialization can be configured.
  • Credits for Major group and Minor group can be given separately. Say, a student is from MBA Regular and wants to select elective course from marketing in that case his Major specialization would be MBA Regular and Minor would be MBA Marketing.
  • Minimum and maximum range for number of course credit allowed to select can be defined.
  • User can decide whether to enable elective selection for one particular semester/trimester or all the semester/trimester of program in one go.
  • Total number of electives in all the terms excluding audit courses can be given, similarly also for audit courses credit range can be given.
  • Minimum credits required for each specialization can be given in case of dual specialization.
  • Once configuration is completed the elective course choice can be scheduled for student to select courses.

Step by step:

  • Add Elective Choice Configuration
Elective Choice Configuration1.png

  • Elective Choice Configuration Display
Elective Choice Configuration2.png