Vendor Feedback

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A vendor feedback helps purchase admin to understand the risks that exist when using a vendor's product or service.


User must have purchase / Stock admin role


Purchase and Stock Admin


  • Purchase Admin - Vendor » Vendor Feedback
  • Stock Admin - Market » Vendor Feedback


  • Purchase and Stock admin have the authority to submit feedback for registered vendors.
  • Admin's can give feedback based on different aspects such as Vendor performance, Contract Quality and Suggested changes in the contract.
  • Once feedback has been submitted, Feedback rating will be considered while giving order to that vendor.
  • Only for registered vendor admin can submit feedback.

Screen Shots / Steps

Vendor Feedback

  • Admin's can checked the already given feedback against the vendor. To check the feedback details select the vendor name from the drop down and click on arrow.
  • To submit new feedback, Select the registered vendor from the drop down and click on Give feedback button.
Vendor Feedback1.png

Vendor Performance

  • Once admin clicked on Give Feedback button feedback form will be visible.
Vendor Performance.png

Contract Quality

Quality Control.png

Suggested Changes to Contract

Suggested Changes.png