Employee Grievance

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Employee Grievance

Employee can register grievance from their respective logins. Status for raised grievance can be mapped and complaint history for same is maintained. Comments and details specified on the raised issue can be viewed by employee.


Staff Login, Faculty Login


Faculty >> Requisitions >> Grievance >> Employee Grievance


Staff >> Feedback Grievance >> Raise Observations

Inputs Needed

  • Grievance details


1) Raise Grievance

  • Faculty from their login can raise grievance.
  • Complaint priority can be given between Low to High.
  • From an specific admin login(Library Head, Academic Head, etc.) complaint can be forwarded to respective member or coordinator.
  • Complaint proof can be uploaded images, document, etc.

2) Complaint History

  • Complaint history can be traced.
  • Past complaint with their status can be maintained.
  • Comments by authority on raised issue can be viewed by employee.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Raise Grievance from Faculty login

  • Complaint History

  • Raise Grievance from Staff login