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Research »Purchase Requisition


  • Able to raise the requisition.
  • Able to view & Select the guide’s project and its fund for purchase
  • Able to select the guide’s student & used their contingency for purchase

Step by Step

  • Student can view the already submitted purchase requisition from his end.
  • To raised the new purchase requisition click on the Add new Request button.
Purchase Requisition1.png
  • Enter the brief justification for the procurement process and select the other details as well.
Student Purchase requisition.png
  • Once requisition type and product type selection is done enter the approx budget amount.
Student Purchase2.png
  • Click on the specify details button for specifying the product name and its quantity.
Submit requisition.png
  • Enter the specification and click on the save request button.
  • After saving you have to post the request for authority approval. To post the same click on the action button and select the post it for authority approval option.
Saved requisition .png