Result Processing and Totaling

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Result Processing and Totaling

After completion of entire process of marks upload and freezing the final step is Result processing and totaling.


Exam Admin


Exam Admin >> Result Compilation >> Result Process

Input Needed

  • Department Name
  • Exam Name
  • Syllabus Pattern
  • Class/Semester
  • Spot Evaluator
  • Course Name


1) Result Calculation

  • Based on grading policy defined(Absolute or Relative) system shall auto calculate Average and S.D.
  • Depending on the Average and S.D calculated the range and grades for students shall be displayed.
  • User may opt to edit the range in order to alter the final result, depending on the range the grades applicable to student shall change automatically.
  • Option would be available for Relative, Absolute and Grading curve. Based on selection of grading curve the normalization distribution graph is calculated and displayed.
  • User can see final submitted internal and external marks for students.

2) Exam Student Grade

  • Final result with student details, marks achieved shall be visible.
  • After an user clicks on Apply grade, the grade and grade point calculations will be performed.

3) Grade wise Student Count

  • Grade wise students count would be fetched in an report format displaying how many student have achieved grade A, B, etc.
  • Grading schema with range and Normal distribution for final results shall be visible.

Step by step

Follow Below mentioned steps
  • Result Calculation
Result p1.png

  • Exam Student Grade
Result p2.png

  • Grade wise Student Count