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On Counter Notification

Call for admission is given to those who satisfies all the defined criteria and appear in merit list. For such eligible applicants notification is sent by admission admin.

This notification is indirectly invitation for the admissions from the Institute. Further this call, applicants comes to institute for physical document verification and further final admission takes place.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >>Admission Process >> Applicant On Counter Admission Notification

Terminology Used

On Counter Admission Date - Date on which applicant is expected to report at Institute for physical document verification.

Call for Admission Date - Date for filling admission form.

Inputs Needed

On Counter Admission Date


On counter notification date can be given through this page. Notification can be sent to applicants who are in merit list.

Call for admission date can be edited through this page. Call for admission date is schedule given to fill admission form and make the admission fee payment.

Step by Step

On counter notification- Notification can be sent individually or range can be given.

On Counter Notification1.png

Admission Date can be extended

On Counter Notification3.png

Notification can be sent to applicants

On Counter Notification2.png