Entrance exam Configuration

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Entrance Exam Configuration

Entrance exam is treated as one of the important criteria for generation of merit list. In some cases 100% weight-age can be given to entrance exam whereas in some cases this weight-age can be 50% to entrance exam and remaining 50% can be divided into 10th & 12th.

Entrance exam can be of 2 types

  • Entrance Exam by External Body

Entrance exam can be conducted by external governing bodies. For example- for admissions of MBA, CET, ZAT exam scores are considered. In this case entrance is conducted by some external body, but marks of these exams can be considered while taking admissions.

  • Entrance Exam by Institute

At some Institutes entrance exam can be taken by Institute for the applicants who have filled application form. Theses marks can be considered as selection criteria while generating merit list.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Entrance exam

Terminology Used

Minimum Value - Minimum value is the min passing marks for the exam.

Max Value- Maximum marks for the entrance exam.

Inputs Needed

  • Entrance Name
  • Min value
  • Max value
  • Weight-age
  • Description
  • Inputs from students - Score/Percentage/Percentile/Rank etc

In case if college conduction own entrance exam

  • Venue
  • Exam date


Configuring entrance exam

Step by Step

In case of college conduction own entrance exam

Entrance Exam1.png
Click on 'Yes'
Entrance Exam2.png
Fill required info and save
Entrance Exam3.png
As college is conducting own entrance exam, for hall ticket generation at student side click on Hall ticket check box from admission round.
Entrance Exam4.png
Entrance Exam5.png
In Case of Entrance Exam by External Body

Click on 'No' in case of external entrance exam.

Entrance Exam6.png

Fill the required details

Entrance Exam7.png

Multiple entrance exams can be added

Entrance Exam8.png