Admission Rounds Configuration

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Admission Round Configuration

Admission rounds configuration is one of the most important aspect of admission process. Here entire application/admission form can be designed. There can be multiple fields available on form, from which admin can select which fields to choose and which to make mandatory. This can vary program wise.

Apart from this schedule can be formed for multiple admission processes. For example there can be application form process at start, then there can be merit list generation, final merit list and so on.


Admission Admin


Admission Admin >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Configuration >> Admission Rounds

Terminology Used

  • Admission Process/Rounds - Slots formed for admission based on multiple criteria.
  • Admission schedule - Slots formed under admission rounds for multiple processes like Application form, entrance exam, merit list etc.

Inputs Needed

Admission Rounds

Process Name

Process Description

Merit List Prefix

Merit List start with

Merit Last Count

Application Form No. Start with

Selection of fields for application & admission form.

Admission Schedule - Application form

Schedule Description

Start Date & End Date

Start Time & End Time

Score update start date & Time

Application Payment Mode

Amount (RS)

Re-Registration Amount (Rs)

Category Amount (Rs)

Category Re-Registration Amount (Rs)

Processing fees (Rs)

Fee Taxes (RS)

Flexibility on application of multiple courses

Admission fee payment mode

Admission Schedule - Entrance Exam (In case institute conduction own entrance exam)

Round Structure

Exam List (Which will be fetched from Entrance Exam tab)

Schedule Description

Start & End Date

Start & End Time

Score update start date & time


Admission round creation

Admission schedule creation - Application form, entrance exam. merit list etc

Application & Admission form design

Application form fee configuration

Step by Step

Admission Round Creation

Process Name - Name of process which will be printed in header part of form

Merit list prefix- Student merit number will be generated with the configured prefix

Application Form No. Start with - Starting number of application form

Admission Round1.png

Choose required fields for application and admission form

Admission Round2.png
Admission Round3.png
Admission Schedule- Application Form

Fill the required details

Admission Round4.png

Entrance Exam

Admission Round5.png