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Open Elective Course File

Open elective course are studied across program or across stream. Say a student from Engineering can study a elective course with Management students. The course file for open elective course thus is combines with student from different program, stream, department merged together for one of the course.


Academic Admin, Faculty Login


Academic Admin >> Schedule >> Subject Allocation >> Course File Merger Over Programme


Faculty Login >> Shortcut >> Course File

Inputs Needed

  • Open Elective Name
  • Open Elective Course Code
  • University Name
  • Stream Name
  • Qualification Name
  • Syllabus Pattern Year
  • Semester Name


Add Open Elective Course for Stream

  • Open elective can be created in different streams and merged as an single course file for student studying same course from different stream, program.
  • Once an elective course is defined it can be selected for different program to add as a course.

Add Open Elective Course

  • Similar to core course or elective course, open elective course can be added by selecting course defined under open elective course for stream.
  • For example: Say course named Leveraging IT Business shall be taught to BBA program student and even MBA program student in that case Leveraging IT Business course has to be added as open elective subjects in both the pprogram and replicate the same to academics.

Replicate Course

  • Irrespective of course type this functionality works.
  • Course can be replicated to academics which enables course for teaching learning purpose.
  • Replication of course to different department.
  • Replication of course to timetable.

Merge Course File

  • Once the course is replicate to academics it shall be visible under merge course file tab.
  • List of both the program shall appear, user has to select both and give a common key to merge the course file.
  • After the course file is merged students from both the program shall appear to faculty in same course file for academic purpose.

Merged Course File from Faculty login

  • Once a course file is merged the faculty assigned with course shall see the course file for with students merged from different program together.
  • Students evaluation and assessment can be carried out in combination for all the students.

Step by Step

  • Open Elective Course for Stream
Open Elective Course1.png

  • Add Elective Course
Open Elective Course3.png

  • Open Elective Course
OPEN elective Course4.png

  • Syllabus
Open Elective Course5.png

  • Map Course to Academics
Open Elective Course6.png

  • Merge Course File
Open Elective Course8.png

  • Merged Course File
Open Elective Course File23.png
  • Course File
Open Elective Course File24.png