Occupant Search

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Occupant Search

Occupant search has all the facilities which can be used for students mapping with hostel. Students can be mapped with the room according to the room type selected by them.

According to mapped room, students fee invoice can be generated.


Hostel Admin


Hostel Admin >> Hostel Allocation >> Occupant Search

Terminology Used

Room type- While allocating infra room type of every can be defined. There can be room types like 2 seater, 3 seater, Single sharing etc.

Hostel Invoice- Students hostel fee receivables will be generated based on allocated room. Invoice is entity which maintains all the fee records of student. Fee receivable, fee receivable and fee pending.

Room transfer- Transferring students allocation from one room to another.

Room swapping- Interchange of rooms between two students.

Inputs Needed

For invoice generation and room allocation

Room type


For room allocation


Floor number

Room selection

For room swapping

Name of student for room swapping

Admission Cancellation

Reason for admission cancellation

For room transfer


Floor number

Room selection

For Fine Impose

Account head for fine

Fine Amount



Invoice generation

Room allocation

Room transfer

Room swapping

Admission Cancellation

Hostel Fine

Hostel I card

Mess allocation

Bed allocation change

Availability statistic while mapping

Step by Step

Invoice Generation
Occupant search1.png
Generated Invoice
Occupant search2.png
Room allocation
Occupant search3.png
Room allocation
Occupant search4.png
Room swapping
Occupant search5.png
Admission Cancellation
Occupant search6.png
Room Transfer
Occupant search7.png
Fine imposition
Occupant search8.png
Fine history
Occupant search9.png
Students all invoices & Room availability statistics
Occupant search10.png